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Slow Hand BBQ, Still Kicking!

Slow Hand BBQ, Still Kicking!

Slow Hand BBQ is a family owned and run restaurant that just celebrated their 5th anniversary!

In the time that we have worked with this great local haunt we've been extremely impressed by the support between the skilled pit masters in the San Francisco East Bay. The folks who BBQ truly love the craft and have a deep admiration for each others work and accomplishments. 

Dan, Maureen and Jack celebrated "Still Kicking at 5 Years" by inviting some select pit masters, breweries and a vineyard to have a cook out. They opened up their spot on one of the hottest days of the year and the whole town came out to celebrate. We were happy to come out and take some photos to capture the amazing time had by all. 

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One of the things I've loved best learning about this community is the ultimate chill that everyone has... but with passion. All of the Pit Bosses lit up when you asked them about what they were making. Everyone bragged about each other and no one was wrong. Every vendor sold out a boat load of meat, because as usual, the Pleasant Hill community came out in spades. 

Check out some of the great vendors from Nor Cal BBQ Crew:

Steelhouse BBQ

Ed's Smoked Out BBQ

Los Mexiqtioners BBQ

Big Vics BBQ

Rusty's BBQ

Blackbird Vineyards and some choice breweries provided lots of refreshments for the event.

CaliCraft Brewing

 Ghost Town Brewing

 EJ Phair

 Farm Creek Brewing

Each brewery had some really special taps served up in special anniversary glasses. Lifted Balloons put in a great installation that really elevated the cookout! 

This May, Slow Hand BBQ was featured on PBS Check, Please! Watch the video below to learn more about the family and the craft. Then, stop by the restaurant to try them for yourself. 

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