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50th Wedding Anniversary

I cannot even imagine being married 50 years. I can't guess what that is going to feel like, at all. It was so sweet to be a part of this adorable couples celebration of love and family! Click on a picture below to view it in full. 

Open Table Church

Open Table Church has been meeting for several years at the Civic Center in the heart of Walnut Creek. Their congregation is made up of locals who want to know more about Jesus and are looking to connect with their community. The website needed to reflect that by being easy to navigate, have messages and events easily accessible. 

Bradley School Of Music

The Dreamers Society helps  with running a social campaign. There's always room for improvement though! We are working on creating a blog content schedule they can stick to, being consistent in posting and continuing to capture the work they are already doing to post across platforms.

Children's Psychiatry

The Dreamers Society We worked with a tight budget to give an existing skeleton of a website some bulk and SEO muscle. It was important that the site was clean and inspiring. I enhanced the copy, worked on the search engine optimization, created a logo and matched the website to the feel.