About the Founder


Hello, my name is Shayna. Artist, Photographer and Marketing Consultant. 

I believe the best is yet to come. I'm one of those people that are filled with wanderlust and day dreams. Mostly though, I am an encourager. I've always been attracted to those who dream and create. 

I created The Dreamers Society after years of exploring blogging, e-commerce and marketing consultation. The Dreamers Society has morphed over time into a handmade market, a community and a platform to share other artists work. And it's still growing. 

I've have built my expertise and love of online marketing, web development and graphic design because of my love of photography and art. These experiences have molded me to be able to work closely with the wide range of specialists. I've naturally found myself mentoring others and am happy to help other artists. Now, The Dreamers Society is growing and helps artists grow in many ways. We help with photography, websites, social media and graphic design.


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